Ginger Ale

Ginger Beer


Comprising of all natural flavourings expertly blended with Dram Òrach Scotch Whisky the first two offerings in our new Scotch Whisky Cocktail line demonstrate perfectly that you can enjoy Whisky how you like it and not how you’re told.

We strongly believe that good Scotch Whisky doesn’t have to be a stereotype only enjoyed by one consumer group; it can be so much more.  Our alternative vision encapsulates everything that makes Scotch whisky great, bringing a contemporary twist to a traditional story.  We firmly believe that the journey is as important as the experience, where defining a beaten path is more important than just following on.

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Don’t just go against the grain,
go against the Malt!

Taste is everything

Our Scotch Whisky Cocktails have been engineered to refresh, relax and realign your very core and allow you to experience the alternative side of Scotland’s most treasured belonging.


Òrach-lemon has a citrus sparkle with a refreshing mint glow infused with golden Scotch Whisky and ginger ale.

Òrach-strawberry has a sweet strawberry sparkle with subtle hints of vanilla and caramel infused with golden Scotch Whisky and ginger spice.


Our cocktails contain 48ml of golden Whisky

Alcohol percentage

Our Whisky Cocktails contain 7% alcohol



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